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How Much Does it Cost to Use the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal links the world's two biggest oceans; the Atlantic and the Pacific. When it first opened, in the early 20th Century, it saw around three vessels a day pass through; but today, almost 50 vessels a day use the canal.

A vessel must pay a toll fee to use the canal, which is calculated based on the size of the ship, type of ship and the number of passengers or the amount of cargo onboard. The typical rates paid are as follows:

Yachts and Other Small Vessels: USD 1,300 to USD 2,500
Loaded Containerships: USD 50,000 to USD 250,000
Cruise Ships: USD 80,000 to USD 300,000  

The most expensive toll fee ever paid was by the Disney Cruise Ship on 16 May 2008; of USD 331,200 for one West to East passage.


sunshine 17 July 2013 at 12:20  

how much would a 23 ft sailing vessel cost im having trouble finding an answer

Anonymous 24 July 2013 at 23:46  

you're looking at about 1500 dollars

Unknown 6 December 2013 at 04:00  

I've been coming here for years. Everyone that works there is very friendly and always available to help. I've tried shipping at other places before and had bad experiences where my packages were damaged or lost, but not here! I've never had any of my packages get damaged or lost.

Anonymous 25 January 2014 at 16:16  

Rates are here. It looks like $800 up to 50 ft.

Anonymous 28 April 2014 at 20:18  

How much money has been brought in through the Panama Canal since full ownership was given to the Panamanians?

And why was it so important for the Panamanians to gain full control over the canal?

I know these may seem like silly, ignorant questions, but I am genuinely curious.

Anonymous 8 June 2014 at 14:57  

A treaty. Of course, there are more than a few Americans that just figured there's yet again no reason to keep our word to anyone and we should just muscle our way into Panama and STEAL the canal, but, IMO, those people are primarily pigs and the reason America is so hated all over the world.

Anonymous 13 June 2014 at 10:17  

The USA built that canal, and we gave it to Panama, and now there charging us these outrageous tolls!
You can Jimmy Carter for that!

Anonymous 14 September 2014 at 15:16  

The French were the ones that built the canal.

Anonymous 4 November 2014 at 09:13  

The French didn't build the canal, they started to build it, went bankrupt, had many workers catch Yellow Fever, and finally sold it to the US. Basically, all they did was dig the trenches and barely started the framework.

Anonymous 5 January 2015 at 17:52  

Ferdinand Marie, Vicomte de Lesseps GCSI (French: [də lesɛps]; 19 November 1805 – 7 December 1894) was a French diplomat and later developer of the Suez Canal, which in 1869 joined the Mediterranean and Red Seas, substantially reducing sailing distances and times between the West and the East.

He attempted to repeat this success with an effort to build a Panama Canal at sea-level during the 1880s, but the project was devastated by epidemics of malaria and yellow fever in the area, as well as beset by financial problems, and the planned de Lesseps Panama Canal was never completed. Eventually, the project was bought out by the United States who changed the design to a non-sea-level canal with locks, which was completed in 1914.

Anonymous 26 January 2015 at 08:49  

The person who said "The USA built that canal, and we gave it to Panama, and now there charging us these outrageous tolls!
You can Jimmy Carter for that!" is an idiot, if they think they have any more historical claim to another countries land, than the British have over the USA. Your fellow citizen was correct when they stated that the morons in the USA that share your expansionist Putin like ambitions as the views of.. "primarily pigs and the reason America is so hated all over the world". You are clearly an idiot and should not be given the vote, let alone a gun license.

Anonymous 29 January 2015 at 13:05  

Wow to the comment of 1/26/15. Why don't you put some gasoline to the flames and cry "racist" and "sexist" as well.

US expansionism has been almost purely mercantilist - the goal has been to extract value, and minimize the cost of control. Of course, interventions had to occur to keep the funds a-running.

That makes the US different how from the Europeans? Different strategies for different countries.

At least the US is not Belgium (ask King Leopold) or Portugal.

Otherwise, hae a nice day.

Anonymous 5 September 2015 at 17:42  

It's funny how many half-cocked pseudo historians there are out there. Everyone who hates Western Culture, please go live somewhere else. Fake intellectuals undermine historical facts with ignorant fantasies of contrived bullshit. Western Culture has contributed more to the world than any other. Those who disagree but live within its borders, go somewhere else. You don't deserve a place here.

Anonymous 3 November 2015 at 03:38  

The question of correct history is quite important. Can one ever know? All the secret dealings, the personal contacts, the participants fantasies of the future, the assessment of the current situation they were in. On top of that public discourse, public deals, public endeavours and national pride.

One of the most important aspects of the canal were the time and cost savings it produced. That should not be forgotten. Neither should it be forgotten who benefitted the most from the canal, i.e the American West Coast and those trading with that side of the continent. Less energy was needed to transport goods and could be used elsewhere.

But that is not part of shipping law.

Richard C. Lambert 8 December 2015 at 23:03  

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Col Dave Hughes 26 June 2016 at 13:47  

And an 1876 West Point graduate - William Goethals as chief engineer supervised the building of the Panama Canal.

Col Dave Hughes 26 June 2016 at 13:51  

Sorry, he graduated in 1880

Anonymous 26 October 2016 at 21:05  

So true

Anonymous 26 October 2016 at 21:09  

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