Sunday 1 January 2012

Offshore Vessels

In the maritime industry today we often hear reference made to 'Offshore Vessels'. So let's look at  exactly what is meant by this, as vessels within this category are arguably more diverse in size, shape and operation than any other. 

     (Image Credit: Carl Tanzler)

Most people understand 'Offshore' in the maritime context to mean oil and gas rigs. However today it would be more accurate to describe it as the energy industries generally (encompassing both traditional oil and gas and new forms of energy generation at sea, like wave and windpower). Offshore vessels then include any vessels involved in these industries, as well as those involved in a few other very niche industries which occur entirely away from land (cable laying,  offshore dredging etc.).

Oil & Gas Vessels
Accommodation Vessels
Cargo Transporters
Platform Supply Vessels
Guard Vessels / Patrol Boats

Wind Farm Vessels
Engineer Supply

Other (Niche Offshore Industries)
Cable Layers
Pipe Layers
Offshore Dredging
Seismic Survey

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