Thursday, 2 April 2015

Emerging Incident: Sinking of the fishing trawler "Dalniy Vostok" in Russia (1 April 2015)

A large Russian fish factory, the "Dalniy Vostok", sank off the remote east coast of Russia on Wednesday 1 April 2015, resulting in a very high number of casualties.

Vessel: Fishing Trawler "Dalniy Vostok" / "Dal'nij Vostok" (IMO No. 5085653)

P & I Club: Unconfirmed (but thought to be Ingosstrakh)

GT: 23,102

Build: 1963 (52 years old)

Flag: Russia

Operator: Magellan LLC

Numbers Onboard: 132 crew of Russian, Burmese, Ukranian, Lithuanian and Vanuatuan nationality.

Voyage: Working off the Kamchatka peninsula.

Incident: The vessel appears to have been trawling a very heavy (and possibly overweight) dragnet, when she may have struck ice or some mother object, resulting in the vessel being pulled quickly beneath the surface.


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